Prevention: The first step towards good dental health

Dr. Sophie Nguyen and Dr. Hoang Nguyen place great importance on preventive dentistry. That is why the clinic welcomes children from the age of 2. The advice provided by the hygienist and the dentists ensures that parents can adequately supervise the oral hygiene of their youngsters and ensure their good dental health. In addition, the clinic offers conscious sedation (laughing gas) at no cost for children and anxious adults.

Preventing problems such as cavities, gum disease, positioning of teeth (orthodontics), etc. averts inconveniences to growing children and adults.

Here are some steps and preventive care that promote the oral health of patients, young and old:

  • Full oral examination
  • Cleaning and descaling
  • Polishing of teeth
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Sealant treatment for children
  • Digital x-rays

Light Anesthesia

Conscious sedation (light anesthesia) is ideal for anxious children or adults; It allows them to reach a generally calm state. We offer this service free of charge at the clinic in order to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment and your comfort. It is important for us to ensure that the health of the mouth and teeth of our patients is maintained. Note that nitrous oxide is a safe sedating agent and its effects rapidly dissipate.

The various dental treatments caused by cavities, a defective filling, a tooth fracture or a severe degradation of the tooth that are available include:

  • Restoration (white composite or grey amalgam filling)
  • Dental extraction (oral surgery)
  • Teeth whitening (competitively priced)
  • Canal treatment (endodontics)
  • Crown and bridge

Laser Treatment of Gums

We also offer laser treatment to reduce inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and to treat periodontal diseases. Ask about this treatment at your next appointment .

Free Consultation

Some treatments require an assessment of the patient’s needs and several visits during treatment as is the case for dental prostheses, wisdom teeth extraction, orthodontics and implants. The consultation is free, talk with your dentist.

Our Team

Dr. Sophie Nguyen

A graduate from the Université de Montréal in 2012, Dr. Sophie Nguyen has been with our team for four years. She takes time to properly address your needs. Everything is done with gentleness and simplicity. Dr. Sophie has many young families in her practice and children adore her. Each person’s understanding and needs are important to her. She receives many young families who want to have a person who will take care of their teeth for several years to come. Each of her patients is very dear to her.

Dr. Hoang Nguyen

A graduate from the Université de Montréal in 1987, Dr. Hoang Nguyen completed post-doctoral studies at McGill University in 1988 and has 30 years of experience. Dr. Hoang enjoys taking on challenges. His field of practice includes general dentistry, aesthetics, orthodontics, implantology, wisdom teeth surgery, root canal treatments and teeth whitening.


Mr. Luc Arseneault

A denturologist who has been part of our team for 30 years. If you want a beautiful, complete or partial dental prosthesis that will align with the shape of your face and in a manner that will be functional, Mr. Arseneault is the denturologist you need! He is very at ease and patient with seniors.


Suzie Taillefer Primeau

As a hygienist for one and a half years with the team, Susie is very kind and explains the treatments in an easy to understand manner. She works with Dr. Hoang and Dr. Sophie.


Josiane Rheault

As a hygienist with our team since November, Josiane is very much at ease with patients. She works with Dr. Hoang and Dr. Sophie.


Patricia Gingras

As a dental assistant with Dr. Hoang and Dr. Sophie for 4 years, Patricia is a very kind person and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.


 Brenda Gagné

As secretary to Dr. Sophie on Saturdays, Brenda has worked in the dental field for 35 years. She is always smiling.


Sylvie Lacombe

Our secretary for 12 years, Sylvie will also be able to put you at ease, in a spirit of conviviality and respect.


Danielle Néron

Coordinator, at your service for 40 years. She is attached to all patients and knows each of them personally. Everything happens with respect and simplicity. Works with Dr. Hoang and Dr. Sophie.