The dental prosthesis and its variants

Our denturologist, Luc Arseneau, has his laboratory on-site and works closely with Dr. Nguyen’s team at Clinique dentaire et denturologie Nguyen & Arseneau in the borough of Mercier. Under one roof, he provides you with dental prostheses services that give you the most beautiful smile adjusted to perfection. With state-of-the-art equipment, each procedure is made possible.

Removable dental prostheses can be complete (dentures) or partial (partial dentures). Soft bases for the lower prostheses help to keep your gums from experiencing pain during chewing. Fixed prostheses take the form of fixed bridges, butterfly bridges and implants. Titanium prostheses are also available on demand.


Implant retained prostheses are among the latest innovations in the field. It is possible to replace a tooth, or all teeth from the top and bottom, using this technique. This is a very interesting option for dentures and removable dentures. More complex and costly, however, it is worth discussing.

Free Consultation

Prosthetic services and today’s solutions for all your comfort and mouth aesthetics are offered here. Come and talk with us, at no cost for a first visit.

Rejuvenating your Appearance

Find your smile and your youthful looks with a comfortable prosthesis that is as natural as your natural teeth. If you do not have group or private insurance, take advantage of our Dental Payment Program to amortize costs over a longer period of time. Do not hesitate to visit us at Clinique dentaire et denturologie Nguyen & Arseneau.