Orthodontics: Understand the Benefits of this Dental Specialty

Orthodontic intervention is not just about aesthetics. Your teeth, when aligned properly, can be cleaned more easily, reducing the risk of cavities or inflammation of the gums and other diseases. In addition, food chewing is more natural and consequently better digestion ensues.

The use of a fixed corrective appliance as well as a moveable appliance makes it possible to correct the positioning of the teeth and the incorrect closure of the mouth. This sometimes modifies considerably and favorably the aesthetic aspect of the smile.

Different causes can be attributed to problems associated with the alignment of the jaws or the irregular positioning of the teeth. Here are a few:

  • Heredity
  • Thumb sucking during childhood
  • Accidents or trauma
  • Loss of a primary tooth too early
  • Continuous pressure of the tongue on the teeth
  • Breathing through the mouth


The evolution of technology now makes it possible to resort to various orthodontic solutions such as the Invasilign treatment which consists of wearing transparent and removable aligners that gently move your teeth to the optimal position.

Traditional braces remain effective and can also be translucent. Orthodontic consultation is free at Clinique dentaire et denturologie Nguyen & Arseneau .

Mouthguard to Prevent Teeth Wear

This removable dental appliance, also called an aligner, is used to counter premature wear of teeth caused by bruxism (unconscious teeth grinding during the night). It is an acrylic device made to measure from an imprint. It is usually worn at night to prevent teeth clenching which can severely damage the teeth and cause unnecessary muscle aches. Check your dental insurance options, several cover the occlusal device (code 43611).

Our Testimonials

I have been a client of the clinic since I was about nine years old and despite having moved away from the area, I am still coming here 25 years later for the friendly staff and the quality of care.

– Patrice Oligny

For years I did not want to smile anymore. Dr. Hoang gave me implants and crowns and I regained the desire to smile. Thank-you for your know-how. I feel really at home when I go to the clinic. Thank you to Dr. Hoang and all the super nice staff.

– Yvan

I arrived at Dr. Hoang’s clinic and his staff welcomed me as if I had been a patient here for years. I had not been to the dentist for 20 years. I was afraid and embarrassed. Their welcome allowed me to feel at ease and they offered me a treatment that I am able to afford. I am very glad I chose this clinic. Thank-you to all of you.

– Danielle